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Authority to Sign: Actual & Apparent, by James D. Fullerton, Fullerton & Knowles, P.C.

Authority to Sign: Actual & Apparent James D. Fullerton Fullerton & Knowles, P.C.   Recently, clients have asked questions about what titles to accept for signatures on contracts for limited liability entities, such as a Corporation or LLC (each herein referred to as the “Company”).  Should you only accept the signature and title of […]


Florida Notice of Nonpayment new statutory form required October 1, 2019

Urgent Notice to all Florida Notice to Owner Customers On June 7, 2019, Governor Desantis signed HB 1247 (Chapter 2019-94, Laws of Florida). The bill mandates a new statutory form for a Notice of Nonpayment on both public and private bonded projects. In order to preserve and protect your right to a claim against a […]