Florida Voters Will Have Long Ballots to Complete on Election Day

Brace yourself; did you know there are eleven amendments on the November ballot? Two deal with religious freedom, two address veterans issues, one on public funding of abortions, one on health services, one on the state courts, four dealing with taxes and homestead exemptions and one on the college/university system. All of the amendments were placed on the ballot by the Florida legislature. For a measure to pass, it must be approved by 60% of those voting.

Provided below are three websites you can visit to get a nonpartisan view of all eleven constitutional amendments


You can also go to the Florida Division of Elections website as well.


Remember to vote early or absentee. It will be much easier to vote by absentee or early voting with eleven constitutional amendments on the ballot. Most supervisors of elections are estimating it will take you 20-25 minutes just to read the amendments.

It is important to note that this information only applies to state amendments. Accordingly, voters should be aware of amendments to their respective local, county or city governing structures.

Please VOTE

Bruce Kershner, Lobbyist for the Florida Improved Construction Practices Committee and NACM South Atlantic